Our Marina Supports



Wisconsin Clean Marina

Wisconsin Clean Marina considers the following examples of good management practices:

  • Preventing and cleaning up fuel spills
  • Reducing hazardous waste generation
  • Proper chemical storage and disposal
  • Recycling waste
  • Managing stormwater
  • Improving vessel maintenance practices

We encourage our marina members, renters and guests to practice better environmental stewardship. Here are some things you can do to help protect Lake Superior:

  • Dispose of antifreeze and oil properly
  • Keep your boat clean and maintained
  • Make sure your boat’s bilge, holding tanks, engines, and mechanical systems are well maintained
  • Choose non-toxic, environmentally-safe cleaning methods
  • Manage graywater and onboard storage tank disposal responsibly
  • Properly dispose of trash and recyclables in provided areas, and always recycle whenever possible.

If you have questions about environmentally-sound boating practices,or need help with maintenance, mechanical issues, or disposal solutions, please contact the staff at Port Superior at 715-779-5360 or office@portsuperior.com.